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0770 for Achille Lauro
Photo: Luca Damelio
Styling: Nicolo Cerioni

0770 for the Cube mag.
Photo: Manuela Kali
Styling: Mirko De Propris

Ada Martini in 0770 for Spirit and flesh mag.
Photo: Saloni Agarwal
Styling: Jonzu

0770 featured in Schon mag.
Photo: Manuela Iodice
Styling: Mirko De Propris

0770 featured in Rivet magazine
Photo: Timothy Smith
Styling: WWD team

0770 featured in Elegant magazine
Photo: Bochun Cheng
Styling: Jessica Satizabal Model: Jonzu

0770 featured in L'Officiel baltic
Photo: Andriana Tuesday
Styling: Riccardo Santalucia

0770 featured in Harper's Bazaar arabia
Photo: Quintin + Ron
Styling: Jonzu

Deborah De Luca in 0770

0770 featured in Ellements mag.
Creative director and makeup: Mara Bottoni
Photo: Riccardo Torri
Styling: Simone Folli

0770 featured on Vogue World

0770 featured in Lyf mag.
styled by Mirko De Propris

0770 featured on Pap mag.
Photography: Thom Rever
Direction & Stylist: Gaia Stella Vitale
Make Up: Kriss Barone
Hair: Alessandra Romano
Model: Tessa C.

Teresanna Pugliese in 0770 accessories

0770 featured in Grazia mag.
styled by Michele Bagnara - Gianluca Francese

Baby K in 0770 garter
styled by Floriana Serani

0770 featured in L'Officiel mag.
ph Alessio Cocchi

Lady Electra in 0770

Lily Gatins in 0770

Ludovica Bizzagliai n the 0770 Leather Choker
style by Claudia Imperatore
Ph. Umberto Buglione & Marcello Molf

Miss Kuragi in 0770

Daniela Botero in 0770

0770 featured on Rolling Stone Colombia
Photography: David Benoliel
Model: Daniela Botero

Nathalie Fanj wears the 0770 belt for Vogue Arabia

Nelly Karim wears the 0770 belt for Marie Claire arabia

Achille Lauro & Boss Doms in 0770 style by Nick Cerioni ph Luca Amelio

Conchita Wurst wears the 0770 belt