accessories made from 
Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather.

The Quality of Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather

What makes the Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather used for 0770 accessories unique?

Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather is unique for its one-of-a-kind character that develops with years of use. This type of leather is favored for its beauty and durability, and for the Italian artisanal tradition passed down through generations.

How is vegetable-tanned leather produced?

The vegetable tanning process is detailed and time-consuming. Hides are soaked in natural tannins and monitored for at least 30 days, ensuring high quality and uniqueness for each batch.

Why is each batch of vegetable-tanned leather different?

Due to the use of natural tannins and the artisanal nature of the process, no two batches of leather are identical. This contributes to the unique character of each 0770 product.

Care and Maintenance of Vegetable-Tanned Leather

How should vegetable-tanned leather be cared for in the first months of use?

It is recommended to keep the leather away from water for at least the first month of use. This allows the leather fibers time to soften and absorb oils, making it naturally water-resistant.

What is the best way to clean vegetable-tanned leather?

For light cleaning, a damp cloth can be used. For best results, a natural leather cleaner is suggested. Avoid using regular soaps, which can damage the leather over time.

How to keep vegetable-tanned leather soft and vibrant in color?

After cleaning, applying a leather conditioner is recommended to keep the leather soft and vibrant. The frequency of maintenance will depend on your preferred style: less care will lead to a more rugged patina, while regular cleaning and conditioning will maintain a more polished look.

Customization and Style

How does the care of leather affect the patina over time?

The patina that develops on vegetable-tanned leather depends on the frequency and type of care. A less frequent approach to maintenance will lead to a more rugged and lived-in patina, while regular care will maintain a more refined and polished appearance.

Is it possible to personalize the appearance of 0770 leather accessories?

Yes, vegetable-tanned leather responds well to personalization through use and care. Each individual can influence the appearance of their accessory, making it unique over time.

What to do in case of questions or concerns about leather care?

If you have any questions or concerns about the care of vegetable-tanned leather, it is always advisable to contact 0770 for specific and personalized advice. Our experience and knowledge are at your disposal to ensure the best possible care for your accessories.