0770: The Essence of Luxurious Leather

At 0770, we are committed to crafting modern, sensual, and eclectic leather products that strike the perfect balance between functionality and luxury. Our designers draw inspiration from diverse sources, including art, architecture, and fashion, to produce truly unique and innovative pieces. We believe leather to be a versatile medium, capable of being transformed into something extraordinary.

Every accessory we create is made from the finest materials and crafted by the most skilled artisans, culminating in a collection that is distinctly one-of-a-kind. To us, fashion is more than just attire; it's about the emotions it evokes. Our leather accessories are designed to empower and inspire, mirroring the individuality of our clientele.


0770: Uncompromised Sensuality Meets Luxurious Rebellion

Born from the imaginative minds of Irene De Caprio and Enzo Pirozzi, the essence of 0770 seamlessly merges avant-garde, modernity, and unabashed sensuality. Deep in southern Italy, on the outskirts of Naples, the unique creations of 0770 come to life. Here, art, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology converge, giving birth to accessories that radiate an unmistakable rock 'n' roll spirit.


Meticulously crafted Italian leather, treated through the ancient process of vegetable tanning, is turned into wearable art. Cutting-edge laser technology meets traditional hand-stitching, culminating in accessories that defy both time and convention.

The designers at 0770 find their muse in the female form, celebrating its strength and allure. The brand's creations are not mere accessories; they're audacious statements of sensuality, crafted to captivate and inspire. In a world of mass production, 0770 stands out, focusing on the art of meticulous craftsmanship.